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Do You Know Your Business Numbers?
The Scoreboard To Measure Your Success?

BeHife : A Must Have Tool For Every Business!

The BeHife Tool has been jointly developed by accounting and financial experts in Australia and India keeping the business owner in mind. It is one of its kind exceptional tool that can be used along with any accounting software. It is not a replacement for accounting software rather it is like a GPS that tells the business owner the exact financial position without being dependent on their in-house accountant, along with helping them to know how every decision made affects their bottom-line using Artificial Intelligence.

The BeHife Tool is a needed value add to Practising Accountants empowering relationship with their clients and to attract new clients. As many accountants are realising traditional compliance work is gradually being replaced by accounting software’s, accountants need to step up their game by offering valuable services – what better than helping a client to be pro-active and grow their business?

Who’s Chinmay Ananda?

Chinmay Ananda is a Financial Educator, Pricing Strategist, Amazon Bestselling Author & an International Speaker.

Chinmay Ananda has taught over 700 business owners how to follow simple business finance principles, empowering them to re-engineer their business from struggling to pay bills into thriving, profitable enterprises. Chinmay firmly believes that instead of hiring external consultants to restructure, change and make decisions on your behalf, give yourself the skills to make financial decisions that help your bottom line with life-long business finance knowledge.

Chinmay has also customised a financial modelling tools that helps key decision makers to know how company’s bottom-line is affected with every decision made.
It also helps you find out whether your business is making more money than it is spending at any given point in time.

Who’s Dr. Steven Enticott?

Dr Steven Enticott is a finance professional, speaker, columnist for the Australian Financial Review Smart Investor, author of taxation specialist and senior partner of accountants. He is a Chartered Tax Advisor, Registered Financial Advisor, Fellow of The Institute of Public Accountants, Fellow Member of the Taxation Institute Australia, and a Passionate member of the International Positive Psychology Association.

Being an independent licensed financial advisor (DiPFS) specialising in tax-effective investment, as well as having a noteworthy academic background in related fields (comprising a Doctorate, an MBA and several Diplomas), Dr Enticott has a unique ability to communicate complex financial concepts in clear and practical ways that everyone can understand.

BeHife Packages

Level Description
Level 1 • Full access to the BeHife Tool.
• Training in-house accountant to set up the tool.
• Backend support via email.

Ideal for:
 Businesses with effective accounting practices;
 Core-team competent with analysing numbers.

Level 2 Level 1 +
• In-house training for core team (8-10 hrs);
• Monthly detailed reports;
• Quarterly (1o1) reviews with BeHife Certified Consultant.

Ideal for:
 Businesses with 4-6 non-finance managers;
 Businesses with 15+ suppliers and customers.

Level 3 Level 2 +
• Monthly (1o1) consulting with BeHife Certified Consultant that includes
– forecasting, budgeting, profit optimization;

Ideal for:
 Fast growing businesses with growing staff;
 Businesses expanding into new markets;
 Businesses over US$1 million turnover.

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